Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Taylor Turns 12

Wow! Twelve years have flown by. Next up, college. LOL!

Taylor woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning. She was excited to see what was waiting for her on her special day. We gave her real present to her two weeks ago. She went to the CMA Concerts in Nashville. Spoiled Rotten!

We had a super fab birthday party at Jezabel's on Saturday. The girls were adorable. Everyone got to make a bracelet and a matching pair of earrings.By the way, Jezabel's is a wonderful and affordable place to host a birthday party for little girls. Wayne and Lynn are great people.

This morning she opened up her Littlest Pet Shop Birthday box. She still adores littlest pet shops so my little girl is still here, for now. She leaves Saturday for PA to visit her grandparents and won't be home until the end of July. I will miss her soo much!

Still Not Smoking!

Today has been two and half weeks, 5 additional pound and a box of nicotine lozenges of not smoking.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

No Smoking

Ward and I have not had a cigarette in over a week. Eight days to be exact. This is no small accomplishment. I am happy to report that we are both still alive and kicking and no one has been injured due to lack of nicotine and crankiness. Say a pray folks. This is tough. I keep telling myself that we will live a much longer and much more healthy life.....

I cannot imagine that quitting crack would be any less hard than this. It is amazing the things you will do to get your hands on a cig. Thank goodness Ward and I are doing this together. We are keeping each other honest and so far neither of us has cracked. I think we are past the hard part. Maybe it will be all gravy from here. Fingers crossed!

Happy Birthday Jennifer

We had a lovely lunch with Jennifer, Peter, Christy, Brian, Tammy and Slick at the Majestic in Downtown Memphis this afternoon. Today Jennifer celebrated her "29th and holding" Birthday. She has been a little under the weather so Peter thought this would be a nice way for her to spend the day, with her family and friends.
The meal was delicious, although I ate way to much. And the cake was Delicious, of course it was ice cream cake with chocolate and caramel and nuts and ooey gooey goodness.
Jen didn't allow us to sing Happy Birthday, but I think she had a nice time. Happy Birthday Jen!

Super New Adventure

I have a new job. I know, I've been at the Chamber for a long time, but last Friday I turned in my notice. In July, I will be moving to US 51 Country to start a new career as a morning co-host of the Gary and Paige Show (or whatever we decide to call it) and in the afternoons I will be selling ads for the station. How freaking cool is that??
This is exciting and scary all at once. Taking a job where a good part of my income is going to be based on how much I sell is a little overwhelming, but I know that the guys and gals at the station will provide me with lots of help and support. I have heard several times that I am making a bad move because of the economy but you only get one life and I think that you should take every opportunity afforded to you. God has never let me starve or go without a roof over my head so I am putting my life in his hands. And who knows, this could be the beginning of something really really cool.
I am so stinking excited about the morning show that I don't know how to act. I love music, I love the radio and I love to talk so this job is PERFECT for me. Gary is such a nice guy and he is already giving me lots of advice. We will make an excellent team.
Taylor thinks it's pretty cool too! She is in Nashville right now at the CMA concerts. Her and her Daddy drove up yesterday and they are having a blast. I am a little jealous that I'm not with her, but I am happy that she is getting to have this experience. The list of country artists she is getting to see live in concert is as long as my arm. Right now she is watching Taylor Swift perform. She is texting me every few minutes :-) This is a memory she will have forever and ever and I am glad that she is getting to share it with her Dad so close to Father's Day.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Live at the Garden

Ward and I met Jennifer and Peter at the Botanical Gardens on Friday to celebrate Jennifer's Birthday. Sister Hazel and Train were both performing and Peter tried to plan a surprise for Jen. I say tried because my sweet little Ward let the cat out the bag a little early, but in his defense he was super swamped at work and just plain forgot.

Ward and I were bringing the picnic. I had a GREAT idea. My mom has this really nice, really big, and apparently really really heavy, picnic basket complete with a china setting for four and a blanket. Since it was a celebration, I thought this would be perfect. Had it not weighed nine hundred pounds it would have been great. Ward did manage to carry it into the park but he insisted that we eat and drink ALL of the food in the basket. (Note the pictures in front of the potty)LOL!

Sister Hazel was great. The songs were great, they sounded as good live as they did on the radio and they were funny! If only the show had ended after Sister Hazel! I used to really love Train. I wore my Train CD out. In fact I played it so much, I really did wear it out. I had to buy a new one. What a disappointment! We did get a good laugh. We had a Diva on stage, Cougars on the prowl behind us and two very bored men on either side of us. Good Times!

Italian Festival

How funny is this picture. What are the odds of not one but two spotlights hitting in the spot that we are standing at the exact moment that some very helpful drunk man screaming "Starship Rocks" takes our picture!

Well, I am super behind in posting. I had to restart my stop smoking campaign...this time Ward has decided to join me so I think it will be much more successful. I am prepared this time. Lots of low fat, sugar free stuff :-) I am on day three, he is on day two. I am at lunch eating a Smart Ones Pizza (Yuck) and I will chase it with a Kashi granola bar. I know! Gourmet at it's finest.

A couple of weeks ago Ward, Steve, Becky and I went to the Italian Festival to see Starship. Stop laughing, they really used to kick butt! I must admit, they still do, even if most everyone in the band is new. LOL!

We also happened to see Lyn Jones (owner of Coffee in the Attic). He was playing with Larry Raspberry and the Highsteppers. He rocks.

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