Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Live at the Garden

Ward and I met Jennifer and Peter at the Botanical Gardens on Friday to celebrate Jennifer's Birthday. Sister Hazel and Train were both performing and Peter tried to plan a surprise for Jen. I say tried because my sweet little Ward let the cat out the bag a little early, but in his defense he was super swamped at work and just plain forgot.

Ward and I were bringing the picnic. I had a GREAT idea. My mom has this really nice, really big, and apparently really really heavy, picnic basket complete with a china setting for four and a blanket. Since it was a celebration, I thought this would be perfect. Had it not weighed nine hundred pounds it would have been great. Ward did manage to carry it into the park but he insisted that we eat and drink ALL of the food in the basket. (Note the pictures in front of the potty)LOL!

Sister Hazel was great. The songs were great, they sounded as good live as they did on the radio and they were funny! If only the show had ended after Sister Hazel! I used to really love Train. I wore my Train CD out. In fact I played it so much, I really did wear it out. I had to buy a new one. What a disappointment! We did get a good laugh. We had a Diva on stage, Cougars on the prowl behind us and two very bored men on either side of us. Good Times!

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