Thursday, April 30, 2009


Well the impossible has happened...Adam was in the bottom two :-) I take it back American Idol. Who was I kidding. I still love you :-)

Oh! I am going to be singing with Ronnie Twisdale and Dawn Johnston on the square this weekend at Music on the Square. I am excited. It's always fun to sing in your hometown :-)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Adam Lambert Show

The Adam Lambert Show is down to the final five. Who will go home tonight? Not Adam! Even thought there is plenty of talent, IE: The Little red hair girl with the grown up voice, Shy Chris from Conway with his sweet sexy smile, Danny Gokey with his out of time dance moves, and Matt, who is probably the weakest of the group, but still not that bad, they consistently praise Adam, not matter how badly he sings. So why are the judges drooling over Adam? Paula is ready to make him her #1 Cougar Cub for crying out loud! Yes he can hit the high note, but in every song?? Yes he has confidence, in a "I've got this in the bag" kind of way and yes he has stage presence. (put him in a cat suit and I bet he can sing the hell out of Memories) In fact, I think he will probably win a Tony Award for best new Broadway Act. However sad, the fact remains, that although Adam is a good performer, he is really not that good of a singer.
I fear it would be painful to try and enjoy an Adam Lambert song on the radio....but then again...who knows
It saddens me to say this, but I think I am finally over AI.....

Koneski Out

Monday, April 27, 2009

What happens when you give an 11 year chopsticks???? She turns into a Walrus! We had a great week in Atlanta. We ate at PF Chang's the first night we arrived and had a piece of the Great Wall of Chocolate Cake. Delicious! We also went to the American Girl Doll Store and Bistro, the Coca-Cola Plant and the Aquarium. Had a great time. Grandmommy planned this trip last year and she made sure that we had a GREAT time!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Oh Atlanta!

We left for Atlanta this morning about 8 and after a trip to McDonald's, Starbucks and the Garmin rerouting us back to the house, we finally got on the road! Of course we stopped at Cracker Barrel for lunch and we only had two bathroom breaks so we made great time.
We finally arrived at the hotel and checked in....AND THEN I LOCKED MY KEYS IN MY CAR! AHHHH! OMG! I called a locksmith and he got here really fast. They quoted me $35 for the trip over and $15 to unlock the car on the phone. HA! YEAH RIGHT. The guy couldn't get the car unlocked with the regular tool so he informed me that it was going to hold onto your hats folks....$95 plus the $35 for the trip over and then he told me he would only need about 30 seconds to get the car unlocked with this "special" tool. I am going to become a locksmith when we get home :) It ended up only costing $100, only $100,which is still highway robbery, but the crew was hungry so that's how it goes.We had a fabulous meal at PF Changs and Taylor has the Great Wall of Chocolate Cake so all ended well. Tomorrow we hit the American Girl Doll Store. We are going to have lunch, get the dolls' hair done and then head over to the Aquarium. Taylor is soooooo excited that she is literally bouncing all over the hotel room. Oh to be 11 again!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Natural Beauty

Ward and I visited Garvin Woodland Gardens today and it was spectacular. Everything was in bloom. It was apparently also, bring your children to the woods in their Easter best for pictures day too! The woods were crawling with little children smiling for the cameras. He! He! I see a trip for all of girls in the future, dressed in matching outfits....hopefully all smiles for the paparazzi!
We started the day with a trip downtown and since today was Derby Day a 7 mile trip took almost 30 mins. LOL! We ate breakfast and then went on the mountain drive tour. We hiked a little before we headed back down the mountain to go on a Duck Tour. If you ever get a chance to go on one, you should do it. It's pretty cool to ride in an amphibious vehicle. The guide told us that the vehicles were created to be used during WWII but they were too expensive to manufacturer. Anyways, history buff Ward LOVED that.
Back to Garvin Gardens. It is unbelievable! It is truly God's canvas. He must be a loving God to create such beauty for us to enjoy. Breathtaking.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hot Springs

You know what's nice? Waking up in Hot Springs on Good Friday with nothing planned, no Women in Business Luncheon to worry about, and knowing I have two days of no stress! My friend and I drove to Hot Springs after work last night and after a slightly scary arrival, we've had a wonderful, peaceful, day.
We had about 1/2 a mile to go last night when we got hit with nickle size hail and crazy wind and rain, but we arrived safely. The room overlooks the lake and the little patio out back is so sweet. I am blogging while enjoying a nice glass of Texan Delight Grape Wine looking out over the lake. AHHHHHH........
We went to the Gangster Museum and the Wax Museum this morning and on the way to lunch we stopped off at the Winery for a tasting. OMG! I love love love the Hot Springs Dessert Wine! Hopefully the weather will hold out tomorrow and we will get to go to the Garvan Woodland Gardens. The brochure is amazing.
Maybe we'll get to experience the Hot Springs bath as well. Maybe? All I can say is this is a nice way to end a very hectic week.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Well, I dropped my car off this morning with my ex-husband (I know it sounds weird, but he really is a great mechanic) and after having my car ALL day, he has informed me that I need 4 new tires! Yikes!
I apparently have been driving on bald tires OOPS! It pays to pay attention Ladies! I

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