Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Italian Festival

How funny is this picture. What are the odds of not one but two spotlights hitting in the spot that we are standing at the exact moment that some very helpful drunk man screaming "Starship Rocks" takes our picture!

Well, I am super behind in posting. I had to restart my stop smoking campaign...this time Ward has decided to join me so I think it will be much more successful. I am prepared this time. Lots of low fat, sugar free stuff :-) I am on day three, he is on day two. I am at lunch eating a Smart Ones Pizza (Yuck) and I will chase it with a Kashi granola bar. I know! Gourmet at it's finest.

A couple of weeks ago Ward, Steve, Becky and I went to the Italian Festival to see Starship. Stop laughing, they really used to kick butt! I must admit, they still do, even if most everyone in the band is new. LOL!

We also happened to see Lyn Jones (owner of Coffee in the Attic). He was playing with Larry Raspberry and the Highsteppers. He rocks.

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