Saturday, April 11, 2009

Natural Beauty

Ward and I visited Garvin Woodland Gardens today and it was spectacular. Everything was in bloom. It was apparently also, bring your children to the woods in their Easter best for pictures day too! The woods were crawling with little children smiling for the cameras. He! He! I see a trip for all of girls in the future, dressed in matching outfits....hopefully all smiles for the paparazzi!
We started the day with a trip downtown and since today was Derby Day a 7 mile trip took almost 30 mins. LOL! We ate breakfast and then went on the mountain drive tour. We hiked a little before we headed back down the mountain to go on a Duck Tour. If you ever get a chance to go on one, you should do it. It's pretty cool to ride in an amphibious vehicle. The guide told us that the vehicles were created to be used during WWII but they were too expensive to manufacturer. Anyways, history buff Ward LOVED that.
Back to Garvin Gardens. It is unbelievable! It is truly God's canvas. He must be a loving God to create such beauty for us to enjoy. Breathtaking.

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