Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Adam Lambert Show

The Adam Lambert Show is down to the final five. Who will go home tonight? Not Adam! Even thought there is plenty of talent, IE: The Little red hair girl with the grown up voice, Shy Chris from Conway with his sweet sexy smile, Danny Gokey with his out of time dance moves, and Matt, who is probably the weakest of the group, but still not that bad, they consistently praise Adam, not matter how badly he sings. So why are the judges drooling over Adam? Paula is ready to make him her #1 Cougar Cub for crying out loud! Yes he can hit the high note, but in every song?? Yes he has confidence, in a "I've got this in the bag" kind of way and yes he has stage presence. (put him in a cat suit and I bet he can sing the hell out of Memories) In fact, I think he will probably win a Tony Award for best new Broadway Act. However sad, the fact remains, that although Adam is a good performer, he is really not that good of a singer.
I fear it would be painful to try and enjoy an Adam Lambert song on the radio....but then again...who knows
It saddens me to say this, but I think I am finally over AI.....

Koneski Out

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