Sunday, June 14, 2009

No Smoking

Ward and I have not had a cigarette in over a week. Eight days to be exact. This is no small accomplishment. I am happy to report that we are both still alive and kicking and no one has been injured due to lack of nicotine and crankiness. Say a pray folks. This is tough. I keep telling myself that we will live a much longer and much more healthy life.....

I cannot imagine that quitting crack would be any less hard than this. It is amazing the things you will do to get your hands on a cig. Thank goodness Ward and I are doing this together. We are keeping each other honest and so far neither of us has cracked. I think we are past the hard part. Maybe it will be all gravy from here. Fingers crossed!

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Frank said...

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Let us know how the effort is going!

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