Monday, May 25, 2009

Three Day Weekend

I love long weekends. Saturday morning we headed off to the soccer field for a 9:30 game. We were a little late which seemed to irk the coach a little but we had to stop for breakfast because really, who wants to run on an empty stomach :-) We lost by one point but the kids seemed to have fun.

We spent most of the rest of the day at the Memphis Zoo. Taylor and I love the zoo. I think we both enjoy the Tropical Bird House the best. The birds are so stinking cute and their coloring is amazing. They are so used the people coming through that they aren't scared at all. A few years ago, a little parakeet landed on Pop-pops head. It was the funniest thing!
Ward had not been to the zoo since the big cats were caged in the Cathouse. He doesn't get out near enough!LOL!

We attempted to go to Tom Lee Park to The Sunset Symphony, but the rained kept us away. We enjoyed some Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream and a movie instead. Night at the Museum, Battle of the Smithsonian was cute, but if you haven't seen the first one, rent it.

Sunday Taylor, Debbie and I went to Archiver's for a Mother/ Daughter crop. Taylor is turning into quite the little scrapbooker. I am afraid that between her scrapbooking habit and mine, I am going to need a second job :-)

Monday we decided to relax. Ahhhhh! We don't do that nearly enough, but it sure is nice. Maybe I'll try to do it more often. Not this week.. Golf Tournament Thursday and Relay for Life Friday. Speaking of Relay for Life, stop by Friday. It should be fun and all the money raised goes right back into the mid-south which directly affects Tipton County.

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