Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Flute

Taylor had a concert at DSCC Friday and boy the 6th grade band has come a long way since their Christmas concert last year. They really have gotten pretty good. They played three songs and I am guessing that they enjoyed playing "Louie Louie" the most.They were all smiles as they started playing. They all stood up and Doc, their teacher, played the cowbell. (that instrument is more my speed) Of course one of the older kids screamed out "We need more cowbell", which is the BEST SNL skit to date. Chris Farley in a belly shirt working his cowbell with Christopher Walkin directing anyway.......
Her father and I both forgot to bring cameras but she did an excellent job. I am such a proud momma. Another thing that occurred to me as I was watching her from the audience is how beautiful she is. Of course I am little biased but my goodness, she is starting to lose her little girl cuteness and turn into a lovely young woman.

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