Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Big Shot

I got an early birthday present today!! Ward and I went to Archivers to exchange some things I bought yesterday and as he was wandering around the store in sheer and utter amazement, I showed him the new Sizzix Big Shot die cutting machine. He surprised me, and the sales clerk, when he picked up the box and said "I'll take it, somebody has a birthday coming up."
He really is a great boyfriend. I can honestly say I have never met anyone like him. He is considerate, funny and right now he is reading over my shoulder as I type so I am going to stop saying nice things about him. LOL!
Since I have started making cards and scrapbooks for my little corner inside Jezabel's I have tried to learn new techniques and stockpile supplies and my new toy will make things much easier.
He let me open it as soon as we got back and it is so cool! I am addicted to scrapbooing, but he loves me anyway. I should be able to crank out lots of cool stuff pretty quickly.

On a totally different subject, it's raining. I have a ticket for the Beale Street Music fest and I really want to see James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt but I really really don't want to stand in the rain with mud up to my knee caps. Drunks, music and mud make for an interesting evening.

Can you believe that his Wardness is still reading over my shoulder?? With binoculars no less. I guess that's why we are so compatible. Neither one of us have any sense. He's a gun toting, Rush Limbaugh lovin, uber conservative, but I have decided to overlook those things. We all have our faults.... Ha! ha!

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