Monday, January 26, 2009


Taylor and Molly had a sleepover at the house this weekend. I didn't realize how much soda two silly girls could consume when no one was looking! LOL! They drank an entire two liter of Pepsi, ate most of a large pepperoni pizza, half of a large order of cheese sticks and each had a candy bar! Sugar and Caffeine fueled them all night long! They stayed up until 5:30 in the morning! The played Wii Boogie Superstar most of the night. The game is a scream. You have to sing and dance for points to get new clothes and hairstyles. On a side note...if you want to get in shape, Wii sports will kick your butt. I hurt for three days after boxing for 15 mins. So long gym membership....!
Where was I? Oh yeah!I woke up around 8:00 and went downstairs expecting to find two hungry girls looking for breakfast....NOT EVEN CLOSE! I peeped inside Taylor's room and among the clothes, dolls, books and magazines, two sleepy girls were piled up in a twin bed. It looked like a war zone. Ha!
My daughter has a doorbell to her room and she had posted a sign that read "Please ring bell, Girls Only". (The sign was stuck to the door with the equivalent of duct tape...but that's a story for a different day) I waited....patiently.....for the tweenagers to emerge, but alas, no such luck. At 11:30 there were still no signs of life sooooooo I decided to ring the doorbell...LOL! Needless to say the sign is down and I have been banned from the bell.
Molly and Taylor had a great time.


Amy said...

Aahhh those days! We'll never be kids again. Kind of sad. Sounds so familiar!

Treasures By Brenda said...

I've never heard of Wii Boogie Superstar; sounds like it must be fun. I am considering buying Wii fit for my husband's birthday. The whole family would probably use it.

Have you heard of the Wii Scream? I wrote a page about it at Did You Do The Wii Scream When You Received Your Wii Video Game Console. I would be thrilled if you visited and told whether or not getting a Wii resulted in a Wii scream at your house.


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