Friday, March 6, 2009

Snow Much Fun!

I could not believe the snow we got on Saturday. I can't remember EVER getting this much snow in Covington. Taylor was so excited. When I spoke to her Sunday morning she was almost too wound up to talk. All she could think about was getting back outside to build snowmen and ride 4-wheelers! How fun :-)

Taylor was at her dad's so I went to Memphis with a friend of mine Saturday and ran errands all day not worrying one bit about the weather. (Thank goodness I didn't wear heels) One of my dearest friends was having his 51st birthday party that evening so when it began to snow I thought what the heck, it never sticks! Ha! I was WRONG! Needless to say, I was stuck in Memphis until Sunday afternoon.
Taylor had a great time from the looks of the pictures her daddy took. Hershey, her dog, had a blast too! Only in Tipton County would you see a child riding the hood of a car as a sled while being pulled by a 4-wheeler! I'm glad I wasn't there to see it for myself. I am a scaredy cat when it comes to Taylor. I take overprotective to a whole new level.

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